Weather update: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today’s weather on Bantayan Island will be cloudy with some rain, as a band of clouds near Cebu will make their way onto Bantayan by lunchtime.

It should be cooler today and a very nice day. Good day to work in the yard outside.

Typhoon “Sendong”, Signal 1 For Cebu and Bantayan Island

The National Weather Service has advised that Tropical Storm “Sendong” has developed into a Typhoon. Over Mindanao, Leyte and Bohol, Typhoon Sendong will increase in strength to a Signal Number 2 Typhoon. Cebu and Bantayan Island will experience Signal Number 1 conditions for the next 36 hours.

Wind and waves around Bantayan Island today will increase as Typhoon Sendong passes lower Cebu. The outlying band of clouds carrying moisture will effect Bantayan Island with heavy rainfall at times over the next 36 hours.

It is advisable that you check the ferry schedule in Hagnaya and Santa Fe before attempting a crossing to or from Bantayan Island. Ferry service was concealed all day for Bantayan Island today, Friday, December 16, 2011. It appears highly likely that there will also be no ferry service to or from Bantayan Island tomorrow, Saturday December 17, 2011.

At 4:30 pm, a large band of rain clouds entered the Santa Fe Municipality area of Bantayan Island with strong rain, wind and minor flooding. It appears that this heavy rain will continue throughout the night and into Saturday morning.

Update: 4:00am, Saturday, December 17, 2011.

Winds have recently increased along the shorefront with rain beginning again. The National Weather Service is reporting winds of 55 mph, with gusts up to 80 mph. Seas are extremely rough with no ferry service predicted for today, to or from Bantayan Island by Island Shipping Company.

By Tomorrow, Sunday, December 18, 2011, it is likely that the wind and rains will be gone over Bantayan Island and the seas should begin to calm. By Monday conditions should be calm with normal ferry service to and from Bantayan Island resuming.

Update: 2:40 pm, Saturday December 17, 2011

Wind and waves are beginning to subside here on Bantayan Island as “Sendong” passes the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Ferry service has resumed to and from the island.

Tropical Storm “Sendong” Changes Course

Tropical Storm “Sendong”, which was forecast to track across Cebu City and Bantayan Island by Friday, has changed course and is not predicted to miss Cebu City and Bantayan Island.

The following is the updated PAGASA storm track that is predicted as of today, for “Sendong”

Effected areas of Eastern Samar, Western Samar, Leyte Provinces, Camotes Island, and Bohol will experience “Signal Number 1” winds of 45-60 kph, and storm surge waves.

Bantayan Island will experience wind, rain and rough seas for Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday.

In the event that Sendong changes course again, we will update this web site with additional information.

New Typhoon Forming Near Cebu

A tropical Depression called 27W, is increasing in strength and moving towards the area of Cebu. The latest satellite imagery shows a large formation of rain and wind, south-east of Mindanao, moving westerly towards Cebu, and Bantayan Island.

Last night, we experienced strong winds and rain on the shores of Santa Fe, with calm winds and cloudy skies this Thursday morning.

If you are planning a trip to Bantayan Island for the next few days, you may want to consider putting it on hold until this Tropical system passes. It is likely that by Tomorrow morning ferry service will be halted as seas will be very rough and dangerous.

It would be wise to stock up now on a few food items and drinking water, as well as batteries for you flashlight, in the event this tropical depression does grow into a signal 1 or 2 Typhoon.

More updates to follow later today (Thursday, December 15, 2011)

Weather Update: Monday October 31, 2011

A strong low pressure system is forming off the coast of Mindanao that will undoubtably bring high winds and rain to Bantayan Island next week. There is a possibility of this low pressure system forming a tropical depression and becoming a Typhoon within the next 5 days.

Currently Bantayan Island is experiencing high winds estimated to have gusts over 60 miles per hour.

Windy conditions have prevailed over the previous night and will continue all day today, making travel by ferry difficult, if not impossible.

We will bring you an update as we watch the low pressure system and winds develop

Weather Update: Friday October 28, 2011

Weather on Bantayan Island should be mainly clear and sunny this weekend with occasional afternoon showers and gusty winds from the North East. The onshore breezes are bringing a lot of sea weed, and other debris to the white sand shores making for a rather messy view of our otherwise beautiful shores.

Low tide prevails throughout much of the day making the water level on Santa Fe about 150 yards farther that at High tide. It is during these period of low time that the beaches are also not as attractive.

Ferry service is running daily, but expect rougher seas due to the increased winds.

Other than the shore debris and lower tides during the day, Bantayan is still a great place to make your weekend getaway.

Hope to see you on the beach. Magkita-kita na lang ta diri sa isla…

Bantayan Island Weather Update: September 30, 2011

The current weather on Bantayan Island is party cloudy with relatively calm seas. Forcast is for isolated rain showers or thunderstorms with winds southwesterly up to 10 meters per second. Seas will be slight to moderate southwest except during periods of thunderstorms.

If you are arriving on Bantayan Island by Ferry, expect relatively calm seas today. It is expected that the weather will begin to change early Saturday morning with the possibility of rougher seas, rain and wind on the island.

During the recent Typhoon “Pedring” many visitors were stranded on Bantayan Island from Monday-Wednesday this week due to the ceasing of Ferry service between Santa Fe Port and Hagnaya Port. Plan you vacation or visit to Bantayan accordingly as you anticipate the possibility that increases in rough seas this weekend may delay your return to Hagnaya Sunday or Monday.

I arrive on Bantayan Island yesterday at about 3 pm from Cebu and experienced calm seas with sunny to partly overcast skies.