Making Bantayan Island Our Home

For many who visit Bantayan Island while on a week’s vacation or just a short weekend get-away, we quickly fall in love. A leisurely walk on the powdery white sand, a warm swim in the clear aquamarine waters, may be all it takes. The love affair begins quickly and the feelings you develop while here do not leave you after your departure.

For Marissa and I, it happened the moment our feet stepped off the ferry at Santa Fe.

By the time we had visited the island for the second time in 2010, on the last day we decided we wanted to buy a beach front lot and live here for the rest of our lives.

Today we have the joy of making the final plans before we start construction on our beach house. Though the details of building a home on Bantayan Island are long and complicated, we are confident that by the end of 2011 we will have the basic structure of the house on the beach completed and begin to live the dream.

If you have also fallen in love with this beautiful island, your dream can also come true. Property on Bantayan Island is still affordable, even for the smallest budget. Lots inland sell for as little as P600 per square meter. You can own a small lot for less than P200,000 and build a home on your chosen lot for less than 1 Million Pesos. By U.S. Standards, this put’s your total investment at about $52,000.00.

Add about a Million pesos or another $24,000.00 for a beach front lot.

If you have built a home on Bantayan Island, or dream of doing so, write and tell us of your experience. We look forward to hearing the wonderful stories of many more who have come to this island paradise, fallen in love, and have made this beautiful place their home.