Bantayan Island Restaurants

As you can imagine, food in the Philippines is quite different from that of the United States or other countries. Wherever you go to eat you can be assured that white rice will be on your plate, whether you order it or not. In most places, Filipino’s assume that you want white rice just as they do, so they usually include it as a standard feature.

Filipino food is quite delicious, whether it be the classic favorites of Ponsit, Chicken or Pork Adobo, Fried Lumpia or Linchon Baboy.  Be adventurous and try one of these Island favorites and be sure to eat your rice and entre with the large tablespoon in your right hand, using the fork in the left hand to push your food into the spoon for eating.

Filipino’s do not use the fork to eat with, but traditionally use the large tablespoon to eat everything. They do not use a knife as in other countries, but instead cut the meat or pull it apart by use of the Spoon and Fork.

The following are a list of the restaurants on Bantayan Island from the best tasting  and value for the money, to the lesser qualitiy and lower priced meals. Be prepared that all of the restaurants on Bantayan Island are “Open Air” restaurants. That is to say, they are not in an enclosed room or building. The walls are open to the outside where your cool air is provided by the island breezes or a fan nearby that can be turned on at your request. I personally like this type of dinning as it is right for the laid back island athmosphere of Bantayan Island.

By far the best food on the island is found at the Ogtong Cave Resort Restaurant.They have more variety and better tasiting food than just about anywhere. The seating is of course open air on pickniick type wooden tables that overlook the beautifuly manicured tropical grounds of the resort, pool and sea side view. There is a netted dining area that makes a nights meal completely insect free, as tiny night creatures are always present on any tropical island at night. The service is always outstanding and the food is the best that I have tasted on the island.

You do not have to be a guest staying at the resort in order to eat at their restaurant. Simply tell the guard at the entrance to the resort that you would like to eat at their restaurant and he will be more than happy to allow you to enter the resort.

Second overall would have to be the open air restaurant at Beach Placid Resort.  The service is very personal and friendly and the food is prepared exactly as you ask for it to be cooked. The American breakfast is very close to the kind of breakfast that you would find just about anywhere in the States. Bacon and Eggs prepared to your preference, white toast, no has browns, but they can make you some crispy french fires as a good substitute.

CouCou Bar & Restaurant Santa Fe

Batobalonos Street, Downtown Santa Fe, Philippines
+63 32 438 9385  Facebook Page

A large selection of many different kinds of Filipino and International Entree’s and Deserts. Pizza is a CouCou specialty. Moderately priced, some of the best food on Bantayan Island.

Blue Ice Bar & Restaurant

Main street | Santa Fe, Philippines

+63 927 236 5657

Anika Island Resort Chloe Cafe

F. Roska St., Brgy. Okoy
Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island 6047
Cebu, Philippines
Mobile: (+63) 917 328 4898 / (+63) 999 886 4465 / (+63) 922 843 9517
Telephone: (+63 32) 438-9073


Bantayan Burrito Company

  MJ Square, Santa Fe 6047, Philippines
+63 995 618 7431  Facebook Page


Cupcake Island Cakery

  MJ Square, Santa Fe, Philippines
+63 915 839 9704  Facebook Page

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