Driving From Cebu City To Bantayan Island

For many people, the thought of driving a car across the island of Cebu to Bantayan Island is a frightening idea. I know that when I first moved to Bantayan Island I felt this way. Our first trip by our own vehicle was on a small Scooter that we purchased in Cebu.

I had ridden motorcycles since a young age and the thought of riding through the many small towns from Cebu City to Bantayan was an exciting idea. We practiced a bit in Cebu and took a few shorter trips along the SRP highway to Talisay City.

After we felt comfortable with a smaller trip we packed out day bag and strapped it on the back of our new Honda Beat Scooter. We took out time and made certain that we watched for careless drivers who were in a bigger hurry than we were. We stopped at McDonald’s just outside of Cebu City and talked about the trip. My wife was more concerned than myself even though she was born and raised in Cebu. Her concern was the many fast drivers that she had seen crash while living in the city. I assured her that I was a very cautious driver and always watching for those who were not watching for me.

The drive from Cebu city through the small towns on our way to Hagnaya was pure pleasure. We stopped when we wanted to see the beauty of the countryside. We took our time and meandered along the twisty turns of the final leg of the journey.

By the time that we arrived at Hagnaya to board the ferry for Bantayan Island, we were both tired but satisfied that a trip on our own vehicle made the journey so much more fun.

Since that time we have traveled by car many times with family and friends, as well as Ceres bus. If you are considering a trip to Bantayan by your own car, it will be one of your most memorable journeys and greatly enhance your time in Cebu.

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