Sunrise on Bantayan Island, October 22, 2011

The Morning Sunrise over Bantayan Island in the Philippines is one of the most stunning and beautiful in the world. From time to time I will post photo’s that I take when I make it up early enough to catch the morning display. These photos are copyrighted and may not be copied, pasted or printed. You may purchase an Licensed copy for your own use.   See all of my pictures from Bantayan Island HERE

New Future Photos From Nikon D-700

We are very excited to be back on Bantayan Island to live amongst the people and island that we have grown to love so much. We are currently renting a three bedroom house in Santa Fe and have completed the purchase of our beach front lot. All that is needed now is the funds to complete the construction of a small home for Marissa and I. As the Lord guides, He provides, so we are confident that we will have what is needed, when it is needed.

One of the plans that we have as a part of our move to the island is to produce thousands of high quality photo images of Bantayan Island to show the world what a wonderful and special place this tiny island is.

We have acquired a new Nikon D-700 Digital DSLR Camera and Nikon Nikkor 14-24mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens to capture the splendor of Bantayan. This team of Camera body and Lens should allow us to display to the world just how incredible the beauty of Bantayan Island truly is.

I have begun taking a few pictures with the new wide angle team during our recent trip on Mid-Sea Express from Bantayan Island to Cebu and back. We were able to show the beauty of the island landscape and sea in a wide angle aspect that would otherwise be impossible without the new camera/lens team. Shots from inside the aircraft of Mid-Sea air show amazing detail of the passengers and crew cabin that would be impossible to see by use of a conventional prime lens.

The pictures of the passenger waiting area on Mactan Island reveal the entire panoramic scene of the lounge because of the wide angle, that we would not be able to show you without this equipment. I must say that the Nikon D-700 and Ultra Wide Lens are the best equipment that I have ever used. I am personally very excited about what we will be able to show you in upcoming days once the weather clears up here on the island.