Mid-Sea Express, Cebu to Bantayan Island

A few days ago, Marissa and I had the privilege of flying round trip on the new Mid-Sea Express Aircraft that has began service to Bantayan Island from Cebu.

What a joy it was to experience a short 30 minute flight compared to the normal 3 hour bus ride, followed by a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to Bantayan Island.

The fare each way from Cebu to Bantayan Island is just P1,500 Pesos. When we compare this cost to those of flights in the U.S., the price seems very fair. We understand that the average Filipino may view the fare as a little steep, but when you consider what your time and safety is worth, P3,000 round trip for an extremely pleasant trip to Bantayan is a great value.

Traveling along the road from the North bus terminal in Cebu to the port at Hagnaya, one puts their life in the hands of a bus driver who seems to think he is in the Indianapolis 500 road race in America. Darting in and out of traffic with a thousand blasts of the bus horn can leave a person with frazzled nerves and a increased prayer life in thankfulness to the Lord that you finally arrived safe.

When you arrive at Hagnaya, the harrowing journey continues as two dozen porters surround you with their efforts to transport your baggage to the ferry waiting area for a few pesos.

Once you are upon the ferry to Santa Fe from Hagnaya, if the seas are rough on that particular day, you will find that the final hour and a half can leave you sea sick. Marissa and I always take a Dramamine before we board the ferry just in case.

I will leave you with a slideshow of some photos that I took on a recent round trip flight from Bantayan Island to Cebu and back. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Write us here and let everyone know about your travel experience to Bantayan Island.

Rob Robinson

A Slideshow of photos from Mid Sea Air, Bantayan Island to Cebu in July 2011

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Here is the return trip we made from Cebu back to Bantayan Island:

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