The White Sand Beaches of Bantayan Island

When you sit back in your office chair with your feet up on the desk and begin to dream of a powdery white sand beach with crystal clear blue water, you are dreaming of Bantayan Island.

I have been to several countries around the world and I have never seen a more beautiful white sand beach than those on Bantayan Island. Even the incredibly beautiful island of Kauai with the beach at Hanalei Bay, which was recently listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, does not come close to the white sand beaches of Bantayan Island.

I have walked on the white sand beaches, swam in the surf and snorkeled off shore on the island of Kauai at Hanalei Bay. I really thought that Kauai had the most incredible beach and water that I had ever seen. That was until I walked on the powder soft white sand beaches of Bantayan Island at Santa Fe, and swam in the crystal clear aquamarine waters. For one thing, the white sand on Bantayan Island is much finer, whiter and softer than Hanalei Bay. When you are standing in the water at 100 yards offshore, the water only comes up to your waist. The sand under your feet has the same texture as creme with a slight fine sandiness. Scoop up an handful of the white sand under the water and rub it between you fingers and you will be amazed. There literally are no other white sand beaches in the world like Bantayan Island.

The whites sand beaches of Bantayan Island are pristine and unspoiled by over development and excessive tourism as in most other locations around the world. On any given bright and sunny day when the winds are calm and the surf is as flat as glass, the water is so crystal clear and blue that a leisurely swim in the 85 degree water will satisfy your senses as nothing else you have ever experience before.

The White Sand Beaches of Bantayan Island

The Amazing Powdery White Sand Beaches of Santa Fe on Bantayan Island

There is perhaps no other place on the earth that has a more pristine beach than those of Bantayan Island. this writer has traveled the world and seen some the the most acclaimed beaches, but none can compare to the powdered texture of the white sand on Bantayan Island.

Walk into the 85 degree surf and continue your stroll 100 yards and you feel the wet sand beneath your toes so soft it feels like confectioner sugar.

Put your goggles and snorkel in place and dip your face into the refreshing water and discover water so clear and beautiful that the sea seems to come alive before your eyes.

One of the best beaches on Bantayan Island is located right in front of the cottages at Beach Placid.

White Sand at Beach Placid Resort on Bantayan Island


Beach Placid is located on one of the best beaches on Bantayan Island. There is about 50 yard from the front door of your beach front room, to the edge of the water. The beach has a very gentle gradual slope into the water that does not increase in depth past your wast at over 100 yards into the surf.

At about 100 yards you will begin to feel the sea grasses and coral begin as the depth increases at a faster rate. It would be at this place that you would put your mask, snorkel and fins on and begin your exploration of the beautiful clear waters the exhibit fish, coral, sea vegetation and many other underwater features.

I like Beach Placid because the Tri-Plex Beach front room is only P1,800 Pesos, or about $40.00 Dollars.


The Tri-Plex Rooms (Because there are three) have a double bed, wood shelve for your belongings, a small but adequate bathroom with shower, toilet and sink and wall mounted air-con.

The first room on the right where my wife Marissa is standing is the blue room and also includes hot water. The other two rooms have all the above listed features but do not have hot water. Filipinos do not normally build their homes with hot water as a part of the plan. They prefer the refreshing room temperature of the water without being heated, so you may not always find a room that has hot water. You must ask before making your final reservation. Beach Placid has some rooms with hot water and others without.

The Duplex accommodation right next to the Tri Plex has a much larger room with hot water, and one of the rooms even includes a kitchen with hot plate, and compact refrigerator. These two rooms rent for 3,500 Pesos per night each and can sleep four people.

The Duplex Cottage at Beach Placid Resort on Bantayan Island

When you make your reservation on line, you will most likely get a reply and further clarification of your needs and reservation from July Ann. She is a lovely girl who will do anything to help make your stay as pleasurable as possible. In fact I have found in my past stays at Beach Placid that all of the staff is not only very kind and friendly but they work extremely hard to insure you have a wonderful time on your vacation with Beach Placid.

The rooms at Beach Placid are fine for a few days stay. They are cleaned and stocked with fresh towels, toilet paper and soap. The carpet in the rooms is not really desirable as I feel that a beach front room here on Bantayan Island should really have marble or tile floors due to the sand and water that is constantly tracked in. The carpet in the rooms really needs to be replaced as it is showing signs of wear and age. This however does not detract from the wonderful beach front location you will be staying at for just $40.00 a night. Please do not be a traditional foreigner and complain about everything. This is not an American style resort and you should prepare yourself for island living before you depart for your trip by lowering your expectations of a luxurious accommodation. All of the resorts and hotels on Bantayan Island are much different than any on American or European soil. Be adventurous and expect to stay in a resort and room that is comfortable, adequate but not luxurious.

If you desire a more luxurious room, the best on the island is the Resort at Ogtong Cave with it’s five separate beach view bungalows for 3,500 Pesos per night, or about $85.00 dollars. You will be giving up the feel of walking out of your door and being right on the beach as with Beach Placid.  The beach itself at the resort at Ogtong cave is not a soft sandy bottom, but has coarse rocks and a very shallow surf.

Cottage three at the Resort of Ogtong Cave, Bantayan Island

The small beach at Ogtong Cave Resort on Bantayan Island.

The Following is a video taken in Decmber of 2010 at the Ogtong Cave Resort on Bantayan Island:

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