Maia's Beach Resort on Bantayan Island

When a person is looking for adventure and desires to travel to a location that is unspoiled, and untouched by the commercialism of most other resorts in the world, Maia's Beach Resort on Bantayan Island fits that need.

It was on my second trip to Bantayan Island that I had the priveledge of coming to Maia's Beach Resort. Not found on the normal well beaten path of the Santa Fe Hotels and Resorts of the Island, Maia's is located on the National Highway, just past the entrance to the Municipality of Bantayan.

From the moment that you make the left turn at Maia's sign, you realize that this Beach Resort is going to be nothing like the other resorts on Bantayan Island. Alone on a secluded section of beach front property with no other resorts nearby,  there are no loud bars or bass thumping beach parties as one sometimes finds on Santa Fe. Instead Maia's is a place of peace and quiet and genuine serenity.

Maia's Beach Resort
After traveling about a mile along the narrow forested road to Mia's, you come to the entrance to the beach resort that looks more like a quiet residence than a resort for guests. This is because the owner of the resort also make their home on the site of the resort. Just past their home at the entrance to the resort you come to the grounds of Maia's which is neatly and beautifully manicured daily by the resort staff.

Native style bungalows near the white sand beach invite you to enter into a world where the former stresses of your busy life will be forgotten the first hour of your arrival. A sparkling private swimming pool and waterside dinning area are all uniquely Maia's. There is literally no other place on Bantayan Island quite like Maia's Beach Resort.

The following pictures and descriptions are illustrative of exactly what you will find at this unique resort. The staff is warm, friendly and helpful and will do everything possible to insure that your stay with Maia's is both memorable and pleasurable.
Maia's Beach Resort

Above: The view from the open air dinning area of Maia's located near the entrance of the resort.

Below: The ultra private white sand beach of Maia's is extremely quiet and relaxing. Perfect for a leisurely swim in the 85 degree water, or an afternoon read with your favorite book as you nod off into a wonderful nap.

Maia's Beach Resort
Above: Maia's has a wonderful feature that is unique on Bantayan Island. An ocean front terrace with spectacular views of the sea, beach and nearby fishermen who cross back and forth throughout the day with their catch. The terrace is both a bar and restaurant serving traditional Filipino meals as well as European and American favorites.

Below: One of the best features of Maia's is that all of the rooms are the same price. As of January 2011 Maia's fee per night for all of their accommodations is just 1,850 Pesos. This translates to less than $40.00 per night for a beach front room in a secluded tropical resort.

Maia's Beach Resort

Above: When you come to Bantayan Island, it must be with the foreknowledge that this is a modest, simple island that has resorts in the two to three star classification. There is no place on the island that has the type of luxurious accommodations that many Americans and Europeans are accustomed to at five star resorts. For myself, I love the fact that the rooms are simple, modest, yet clean and comfortable. The furnishings are adequate and meet the basic needs of anyone who resides within. If you require a luxurious resort with rich and opulent furnishing, then you will not be satisfied with any resort on Bantayan Island. If however your goal is to spend a week or two on a remote tropical island where peace and serenity overrule the stresses of your life back home, Bantayan Island will be perfect for you.

Below: Maia's has wonderful small private pool on the grounds of their resort that is perfectly maintained daily. A few comfortable padded loungers line the edge of the pool and make for an afternoon of relaxation and rest.
Maia's Beach Resort
The following are the current price information for Maia's Beach Resort as of December 2010. Please contact the resort directly for any questions on the current price of rooms that will be applicable during the time of your desired stay.

All of Maia's Cottages come with Air Conditioning and Full or Twin beds: for just 1,850 Pesos per night  which includes breakfast for two

Breakfast only from 115 to 165 Pesos

Lunch or Dinner from 145 Pesos

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