Beach Placid Resort on Bantayan Island

When my wife and I first came to Bantayan Island we were uncertain as to where we should stay. There are several resorts on Bantayan Island that offer wonderful accomodations at affordable prices. What impressed us most about Beach Placid was the staff and the location of the resort on the white sand beach of Santa Fe.

There are resorts on Bantayan Island that are more luxurious and provide higher quality rooms than Beach Placid. There is however, no other resort on the island  that has the athmosphere and peacful feeling of this small and quaint location.

If you are seeking a quiet and restful vacation with a room that you can step out of your room onto the white sand beach, this is your location.

I hightly recomend this resort as it is the correct balance of location, price, and athmosphere. Remember that a vacation on Bantayan Island is not a five star luxury vacation. Beach Placid offers an intimate and relaxing experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. I have never seen a beach front room on such a beautiful location for under $40.00 per night at any other resort on the planet.

Beach Front Triplex: Cottages 9,10,11 Less than $40.00 Per Night For Beach Front
One Full Size Bed for two persons, Air Conditioning. Only cottage 9 (Blue Room) has hot shower.
Regular Rate 1,500 Peso's per night
High Season Rate 1,800 Peso's per night
Holy Week and Easter 4,000 Peso's per night


Beach Front Duplex: Room One, With Kitchenette
Four persons, with Air Conditioning, Hot shower, Mini Refrigerator, Large Closet, Electric stove, Microwave,  and Satelite Television with DVD Player. DVD movies for rent for at the Resort.

Regular Season Rate  3,000 Peso's per night
High Season rate 3,500 Peso's per night
Holy Week and Easter 7,000 Peso's per night
Beach Front Duplex: Room Two
Four persons with Air Conditioning,  Hot Shower, Mini Refrigerator, Large Closet, and Satelite Television with DVD Player. DVD movies for rent at the Resort.

Regular Season rate 3,000 Peso's per night
High season rate 3,500 Pesos's per night
Holy Week and Easter 7,000 Peso's per night

The following accomodations are described as "Near the Beach" but are actually only about ten feet farther from the beach than the Diuplex Beach Front Cottages at Beach Placid.

Near Beach Front: Family Cottages 7 & 8
Four persons, Air Conditioning, Mini Refrigerator, Satellite TV, Hot shower.
Regular season rate 2,000 Peos's per night
Highi Season rate 2,500 Peso's per night
Holy Week and Easter 5,000 Peso's per night
Near Beach Front: Family Cottages 4 & 5 From $12.00 per night
Two persons, Electric Fan, No Air Conditioning
Regualr Season rate 600 Peso's per night
High Season rate 800 Peso's per night 
Holy Week and Easter 1,500 Peso's per night
Each Extra  persons for an additional mattress 200 Peso's per night

Beach Front - Native:
Full Size Bed for Two persons with Air Conditioning
Regular Season rate P1,300/ High season rate P1,500/ Holy Week/Easter P4,000

If your vision of a paradise island accomodation is to stay in a native Nipa Hut style room, then the Native Beach Front room at Beach Placid will meet your expectations. A modern tiled bathroom and shower is attached to the rear of the room. The accomodation includes it's own private outdoor sitting area.

Interior Photos of the Beach Placid Duplex Beach Front Cottage

As the following photos display, the rooms at Beach Placid are modest, yet comfortable and Clean. Remember that you are paying only a fraction of the normal rate for a beach front accomodation at most other locations around the world. When you rise early in the morning and open your door, you are greeted with a stunning sunrise, powder white sand beach and crystal clear water.


Your Dinning experience at Beach Placid will be different from what you are most likely accostomed to.

On many of the Islands of the Philippines guests take their meals in a restaurant that is located out in the open without closed walls or windows. This is because the tropical temperatures and ocean breezes make an outdoor dinning experience pure delight. I personally love the athmosphere of eating my breakfast while an ocean breeze blows through the neaby coconut palms. The staff and other guests notice right away that this kind of athmosphere lends itself to more interaction between people.

You will enjoy this new type of dinning experience and recognize it as being one of the most pleasurable and relaxing ways to eat your daily meals.


Make sure that you reserve a scooter from Beach Placid Resort. There are very few automobiles on the Island. Most of the guests and residents get around the island by Bicycle or Scooter. These are Fully automatic or nearly fully automatic scooters with small quiet engines that get almost 100 miles per gallon of fuel.


I think that taking a daily scooter ride to nearby locations of Bantayan Island is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing parts of my trips to the Island. I liked it so much that after my first trip to the Island I purchased an new Honda Beat Scooter.

Even if you have never ridden a motorcycle before, if you already know how to ride a Bicycle, then making the transition to a Scooter is but a small learning curve. Within just a few minutes you can be meandering down the palm lined roads of Bantayan Island on a new adventure.

To make a reservation for Beach Placid Resort you can contact the staff by Cell Phone, Text or email.

eMail: Click Here
Cell Phone: 0917-722-2993

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