Bantayan Satellite Map

Satellite Maps Showing the Location of Bantayan Island and it’s Proximity to Cebu and the Philippines

You may ask the question: “Why would I want to travel such a great distance to see a small island in the South Pacific?”

  • 15 hours by International Flight from Los Angeles
  • 1 Hour by Domestic Flight from Manila to Cebu
  • 3 Hours by Air Conditioned Bus from Cebu City to the Port at Hagnaya
  • 1 Hour by Ferry from Hagnaya to the Port at Santa Fe on Bantayan Island.

Total Travel Time: At least 20 hours

That is all the more reason to make the journey. You know they say in life that anything worth having is worth waiting for. We live in a generation where we want instant everything. From Food to Vacations, we want it quick and we want it NOW.

Perhaps that is the problem with many of our lives and the reason that we are so stressed out and find it hard to enjoy most of the vacations we take once we get there.

Do you realize that in this 20 hour journey, that all of the stresses and anxieties of your busy life will start to burn away the moment you board that first overnight flight from the U.S. to The Philippines?

That is how it happens for me anyway…

The joy is in the journey. The pleasure of this vacation comes from the fact that it is not a place that everyone has gone to.

When you arrive back home and tell everyone where you have been and show them all the marvelous photos and video you have taken, they will be amazed indeed.

Be different than the rest. Take the adventure of a lifetime to a far off Tropical Paradise and you will always be thankful you did.

This set of maps was created by myself as an American who loves the Philippines and specifically, Bantayan Island. I tried to give you a visual idea of what the adventure will be like and prepare you for all that lies ahead should you make the decision to come to a place unlike any other on the earth. Even the locals from the Big Island of Cebu mark Bantayan Island as one of their all time favorites. It is unspoiled and will thrill your sense of adventure and need for peace and relaxation like no other place you have ever been. The testimony to Bantayan Islands charm is that once a person comes here, they always want to return. (or never leave)

I hope that you find the following maps helpful in making a decision to come to our Island Paradise.

Here is the link to go to the page that gives you the details for how to get to Bantayan Island from Booking the first Flight to your final Ferry ride from Hagnaya to The port at Santa Fe on Bantayan Island.

Detailed Maps showing How to Make the Journey to Bantayan Island


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