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  • International Flight From The U.S. to Manila
  • Connecting Flight From Manila To Cebu City
  • 35 Minute Flight From Cebu To Bantayan Island
  • Taxi from Cebu Airport to Cebu Bus Terminal 2
  • Ceres Air Conditioned Bus from Cebu City to Hagnaya
  • The Ferry from Hagnaya to Bantayan Island
  • Arrival at the Port of Santa Fe on Bantayan Island
  • Hotels and Resorts on Bantayan Island

Fly to Bantayan Island from Cebu for Just 1,500 Pesos

To See a Photo Slideshow of the flights from Cebu to Bantayan Island on Mid-Sea Express, Click This Link

Your trip to Bantayan Island will be one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of your lifetime. From the moment that your tired feet touch the powder soft white sand beaches, till your aching body is soothed by the 85 degree crystal clear water, you will never forget this island paradise.

Getting to Bantayan Island is not hard, nor is it dangerous or frightening. It does however require a certain sense of adventure. Plan ahead to get your mind around the fact that you are traveling to a new and distant land filled with tropical wonders, but it will take some time.

See a Detailed Map of the Location of Bantayan Island and How to Get Here

International Flight From The U.S. to Manila

If you are flying from the United States, it takes 15 hours by direct flight from Los Angeles International Airport to The Internatinal airport in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Add the flying time from your present location to LAX.

There are several Airlines that Service the Philippines from the United States and Europe.

The Current Air Fare Per Person from Los Angeles, San Franscisco and Las Vegas through Philippine Airlines is approximately $950-$1,000 per person Round Trip.

Please Click Here to see a complete list of International Carriers from the United States to the Philippines.

Connecting Flight From Manila To Cebu City

Once you arrive in the Philippines at the Capital city of Manila, you will take a connecting flight from Manila to Cebu, an Island approximately 600 miles south of Manila. The flight takes approximately 1 hour and cost approximately $80.00 USD per person, Round Trip.

Please Click Here to see a complete list of Domestic Airlines inside the Philippines that fly from Manila to Cebu

Brand New 35 Minute Air Service to Bantayan Island From Cebu City

If you would rather not take the taxi from Cebu Mactan Airport, then a 3 hour Bus Ride and 1 1/2 Hour Ferry Ride to Bantayan Island, there is a brand new Airline service from Cebu to Bantayan Island that takes just 35 Minutes.

Flights depart Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:30 am and arrive at Bantayan Island shortly after 12:00 noon.


The current fare is just 1,500 Pesos per person, which is about $35.00. An extremely reasonable fare to save yourself over 4 hours of ground transportation time.

To see complete information on Flights from Cebu to Bantayan Island,  CLICK HERE

Taxi from Cebu Airport to Cebu Bus Terminal 2

From the airport on Mactan Island in Cebu, you will take a METERED taxi to the Ceres Bus Terminal 2 near the SM Mall in Cebu City.

As a general rule do not ever get into a taxi that does not have a meter or that is not using a meter that works. When you do so you will pay considerably more than is fair. Do not allow a baggage porter to find you a taxi, nor neggotiate the fare for you. If you allow them to do so they will inflate the taxi rate and receive a comission for their assistance. You can easily find your own taxi from the main exit of the Mactan Airport Terminal.

Tell the taxi driver to take you to Teminal 2 of the Cebu City Bus service near the SM Mall, they will understand what you are directing them to do.

Ceres Air Conditioned Bus from Cebu City to Hagnaya

When you arrive at the Bus Terminal, ask the taxi driver to not pull all the way up to the buses, and to not open the trunk of the taxi to take out your baggage until you are at the trunk to receive them. Pay the taxi driver a few blocks before you enter the bus terminal and be ready to quickly exit the taxi as soon as he stops. All of this is so that you can get your bags yourself and carry them to the bus nearby. Otherwise you will be inudated with porters who are looking for a fee to carry your bags to the bus. If you do not tell them firmly “NO, I will carry my bags”, they will take them very quickly. Do not be afraid to say firmly NO!

If you would like for one of the porters to carry you bags remember that many of these men make their only source of income from helping customers like you. If you give 20-50 Pesos per bag you will recieve a warm smile and a “Thank You Sir” or “Thank You Maam” for your small payment.

As a general rule we are always as generous with the people of the Philippines as possible. They are a very poor people. Many of these men feed their families on less than $6.00 per day. You cannot believe how happy you can make someone by just putting a 50 Peso bill in their hand. That is only a little more than one U.S Dollar but it means so much to a Filipino.

Make sure that you look for the CERES Bus that says “Hagnaya” on the front or side of the bus, and that it says “Air Conditioned” on the front or side of the bus.

CERES buses with Air Conditioning are bright yellow and white and are newer in appearance as well as a smaller bus that those without Air Conditioning. The current fare from Cebu city to Hagnaya is 125 Pesos.

Give your baggage directly to the bus driver or his assistant and watch them place the bags under the baggage carrier outside the bus. If you are traveling with a companion, ask your friend to go inside and save your seat whle you stay outside to watch your bag until the baggage door closes.

The Air Conditioned buses from terminal 2 in Cebu City depart early each morning. It is difficult to publish the exact departure times as they change frequently.

The best advice is to be at the Terminal by 5:15 am. If the Bus leaves at 6:00 or 6:30 at least you will be early and have your choice of seats.

There are only three Air Conditioned Buses that depart from Terminal 2 each day, these times are approximate as the change frequently 5:30, 11:30, 4:40. Non Air Conditioned Buses depart Terminal 2 in Cebu City every 45 minutes to and Hour.

DO NOT take a bus from Cebu City any later than 2:00 pm as you will not make it in time for the LAST FERRY OF THE DAY TO BANTAYAN ISLAND which departs Hagnaya by 5:30 pm.

Be prepared for an adventure when you ride the bus in Cebu or any other place in the Philippines. The bus drivers dart in and out of traffic, move at a fast pace, and honk the bus horn frequently as a courtesy to other drivers that they are passing or are near them.

If you choose to sit at the front of the bus be prepared for the loud noise of the horn honking all the way to the port of Hagnaya.

Settle back into your air conditioned seat and enjoy the scenery.


The Bus will stop at least once time, perhaps twice during the 3 hour trip to the port at Hagnaya. You can take a restroom break as they usually allow you about 5-10 minites at the first stop. The second stop may only be less than 5 minutes. Be prepared to have 2 Pesos ready pay to use the public restroom.

The Ferry from Hagnaya to Bantayan Island

  • Fares
  • Schedule to Bantayan Island
  • Schedule from Bantayan Island
  • Storms

When the bus arrives at Hagnaya, exit the bus quickly to get to your baggage as fast as possible or the porters at the Hagnaya port will try to assist you. If you need to have your bags carried, then tip the porter about 20 pesos per bag.

The Following are the current fares for taking the Ferry from Hagnaya to the Port at Santa Fe:



Ferry Scheduled Departures from Hagnaya To Bantayan Island and From Bantayan Island back to Hagnaya

From Hagnaya to Santa Fe

Island Shipping Corporation

Super Shuttle Ferry Passenger Transport
Departing at 7:00 am, 10:30 am and 2:30 pm
Travel time: About 1 Hour

Roro 1, Roro 2, Island Express 5-Vehicle Transport
Departing at 6:30 am, 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm, and 5:30 pm
Travel Time: About 1.5 Hours

The Roro 2 is a Large Vehicle Transport Ferry that can accommodate
people, cars, trucks and motorcycles.

From Santa Fe to Hagnaya
Island Shipping Corporation

Super Shuttle Ferry Passenger Transport
Departing at 10:15 am, 1:30 pm, and 4:30 pm
Travel Time about- 45 Minutes

Roro 1, Roro 2, Island Express 5-Vehicle Transport
Deaprting at: 5:00am, 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 3:00pm
Travel time: About 1.5 Hours

It is important to remember that you are in the Philippines and everything runs on “Filipino Time”.

This means that a departure time that is listed here is usually a “Suggested time” rather than a precise departure time. Ferry’s can either leave early, late or be cancelled all together. For this reason you must arrive at least 30 minutes early to insure that you are available and waiting when the announcement is made to board the Ferry.

For Ticket information, please call one of the number below:
Hagnaya: 032-435-2078
Santa Fe: 032-438-0080
Cebu City: 032-422-6330 and 032-422-6331

Storm Advisories:

During rough seas or in the rare occurrence of a Typhoon, all transportation to and from Bantayan Island is cancelled by the Philippine Coast Guard.

Severe storms and even a Typhoon are a very rare occurrence on Bantayan Island, but in the event that you happen to be on the island when one strikes, the following are some of the precautions you should take.

If you are on Bantayan Island when a severe storm or Typhoon is approaching, be prepared ahead of time.


  • Several liters of drinking water
  • A lantern, or candles
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Fill your Vehicle with Gas
  • Pre paid phone cards
  • A flashlight and extra batteries


Stay indoors at a location away from the direct strike of the Typhoon. If at all possible find a safe area that is a “room within a room”, constructed with solid concrete walls with a heavy door. Store all of your food, water, and other storm supplies in your safe room before the storm actually arrives. There may not be time to gather everything before the storm strikes, so take steps ahead of time to be ready.

Whenever possible, if news of an approaching Typhoon comes, leave Bantayan island as quickly as possible and take shelter on the main island of Cebu.

Arrival at the Port of Santa Fe on Bantayan Island:

When you arrive at the Port of Santa Fe on Bantayan Island, make sure that you have already informed your resort of your approximate arrival time so that they can schedule a pickup for you at the dock. Click Here to see a list of Phone Numbers for some of the resorts on the Island

The drivers will not usually come all the way down to the Ferry to meet you. They will wait for you about 100 yards from the point of departure from the Ferry and will usually hold up a cardboard placard with your name on it.


The following are some of the phone numbers for resorts on Bantayan Island.

Ogtong Cave Resort:

Beach Placid Resort

Santa Fe Beach Club:
63-032-438-9090 Fax
63-032-438-9091 Landline
63-032-438-9107 Landline

St. Bernard’s Resort
63-917-963-6162 Mobile Numbe

Tickety-Boo Resort
63-920-749-0743 Landline

Tristan’s Resort
63-032-438-9041 Landline
63-0919-537-1536 Mobile

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