An Open Letter to the Owners of Island Shipping

Each morning, beginning at about 4:30 am, the sound of a yelling captain from one of the ferry’s of Island Shipping, can be heard over the ship’s loudspeaker at Pantalan in Santa Fe, on Bantayan Island.

For several minutes this captain yells at his employees, as they seek to tie up the vessel to the port of Santa Fe. This can be heard all over the area surrounding the Pantalan.

This is a most unprofessional behavior and quite irritating to all those who have to listen to the uncontrolled anger of this captain.

Those of us who hear this each day, wonder what kind of management exists in the Island Shipping company. We never hear a ship’s captain yelling on the loud speaker from any of the Super Shuttle Ferry’s. If the men tying up the ship at the port need instruction, the captain should do this before the ship departs, and never over a public loud speaker. It is very unbecoming and embarrassing to those of us who hear it happen every day.

On many occasions, after this same captain has yelled at the men who are tying up the Ferry to the port of Santa Fe, he then turns on a particular song that he likes and broadcasts it over the loudspeaker of the ship. Every person within a great distance from the Island Shipping Ferry must listen to this music, whether they want to or not.

If you travel to many other countries around the world, you will never hear or see this type of unprofessional behavior from a ship’s captain. They would either be disciplined or fired. This ship’s captain acts as if this is his personal vessel and the whole world enjoys listening to the sound of his yelling at employees on a public speaker system.

Those of us who must hear this abuse, sincerely hope that the owners of Island Shipping will take steps to correct this unprofessional  behavior.