Super Typhoon “Pablo” Threatens Bantayan Island

Many of you know that Super Typhoon “Pablo” is due to make landfall in the Philippines in the next 24 hours.

As we anxiously watch the approach of this massive storm, we all pray that it will spare our families and friends who make the Philippines their home.

As an act of precaution, we have boarded up the front windows on our beach front home on Bantayan Island, in preparation of this approaching storm.

We would advise our friends on the island to take every precaution to protect your homes and families. Please make sure that you have 4 or 5 days of fresh water and food as power on the island and supplies will be limited during this storm.

We pray for our friends and their families that the Lord will protect you all and that no harm will come to you.

Update: 9:00 am December 4, 2012, Bantayan Island.

Cebu and Bantayan Island are just now getting hit with the first band of Gale Force winds and torrential rain…. The Eye of the Typhoon has just struck the Island of Mindanao….

Update: 7:27 a.m., December 5, 2012

Initial reports coming back from our friends in the Philippines is that there has been substantial damage in the southern portion of the country called Mindanao, with thousands of deaths and homeless likely. The area where our family lives, and where we have our home on Bantayan Island, report that there was minimal damage. I would rather our house had been completely destroyed and all those precious people in Mindanao been spared… The Lord has His plan, and I submit to it…. I just grieve for the loss of life and the many thousands of poor who have lost everything they had, though it is not much.

Thankfully, the Filipino people are very unique in that they are happy with nothing because their joy does not come from the things they posses, but from the love that they have for the Lord and for each other. I wish that the United States had their priorities in such order… Our deep love to our family and friends in the Philippines, we pray with you for those families that are suffering so much right now, and ask the Lord to please help them to be able to rebuild their lives and go on with the same joy they have always had. The world should know that the Filipino are a beautiful and wonderful people and they need our help so much…