Weather Update: Thursday October 20, 2011

Weather on Bantayan Island has been clear and beautiful this past week. With the onset of “Habagat”, the winds have changed to onshore, bringing much debris to the white sand beaches.

The upside of this change in wind direction is that the nights are cool and refreshing and perfect for a great night’s rest if you are near the coast. Last night we enjoyed a wonderful cool breeze until about 3 am when the winds became calm.

Weather for this weekend should be near perfect, with the coming of any future tropical storm far off from the coast of the Philippines. There are two weather systems developing in the pacific that we are watching that could become tropical storms systems in the next week. Both these systems look to move north of Bantayan Island, should they further develop into a tropical depression.

If you are coming to the island, expect to find a lot of debris on the beaches as is normal for this time of year. The pristine picture you have in your mind for Bantayan Island will not be found presently, until the wind and seas cleans the shoreline of sea grass, coconut shells, and trash.

Low tide prevails throughout most of the daylight hours, meaning that the water level is far from the beach, exposing a not so pleasant debris field left over from the last storm. Some may ask why I publish the negative aspects of Bantayan Island. The answer is that I would rather you know what to truly expect when you come to our island, than have you be disappointed once you arrive here. The Island has many positive and wonderful features, not withstanding the occasional debris on the beaches and low tide I mentioned above.

The entire island is worth seeing by scooter or Tri-cycle, and worthy of your efforts to make the necessary journey. Many tourists come to Bantayan Island strictly for the beaches and water, yet miss the other incredible features throughout the rest of the island.

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