Typhoon Ramon Will Strike Bantayan Island Thursday

Upon the entrance of Typhoon Ramon into the Eastern area of Mindanao and Southern Leyte, this growing storm has increased it’s wind speed to signal number 2.

It is certain that by midnight on Thursday, October 13, 2011, Ramon will make direct contact with Bantayan Island.

Current indicators, as shown on the latest map below, show that Ramon likely will increase to signal number 2 as it comes into contact with the shores of Santa Fe, on Bantayan Island.

Although the map below indicates signal number one for Cebu and Bantayan Island, this wind strength will likely be updated to signal number 2 by late Wednesday evening.

Typhoon Ramon to Strike Bantayan Island Thursday
Typhoon Ramon to Strike Bantayan Island Thursday

If Ramon continues to strengthen as it makes landfall tonight and tomorrow morning at Mindanao and Southern Leyte, it has a high likelihood of coming into Cebu as a Signal Number 2 Typhoon with winds from 60-100 Kilometers per hour, or 37-62 Miles per hour.

This leaves Bantayan Island in the path of a fairly large and destructive typhoon.

All Ferry service was cancelled as of Tuesday morning on Bantayan Island. Seas have been “White Capped” all day, with periods of heavy rain and wind gusts. Currently there is light rain falling over Bantayan Island with mostly cloudy skies.

As Ramon exits the area of Bantayan Island by Friday, seas will continue to be too rough for Ferry service. The earliest date for restored service to Bantayan Island by Ferry would be Sunday to Monday.

We will continue to monitor the weather sources for this storm and post updates here as soon as there are any new changes.

Storm Update: Wednesday, October 12, 2011,  7:00 am

Revised Estimates have placed the “Eye Wall” of the center of Ramon, Directly over Bantayan Island, sometime after mid-night, or approximately 12:00am tonight/early tomorrow morning. The highest sustained winds of over 100 kph will be present closet to the eye wall. Storm surges of ocean waves will exceed 3-4 feet, bringing sea waves up to 4 feet higher than the high tide markers for the island.

Classification for this Storm has been upgraded to Signal Number 2 for Bantayan Island and Northern Cebu.

It has been more than 10 years since a Typhoon has made direct contact with Bantayan Island, as Ramon most certainly will.

It is advisable to take appropriate action to protect your person and property as this storm will do moderate damage to structures on Bantayan near the shore of Santa Fe where the storm surge will make initial contact. Those in higher elevations on Bantayan Island will also experience higher wind gust over 100 Kilometers per hour.

The Following is the latest storm track for Ramon, showing it’s path directly over Bantayan Island as a signal Number Two Typhoon.

Path of Typhoon Ramon to Make a Direct Strike on Bantayan Island
Path of Typhoon Ramon to Make a Direct Strike on Bantayan Island

More Updates to Follow in a Few Hours…

The Following picture was taken from Beach Placid Resort, at 7:30 am on Wednesday October 12, 2011, looking in the direction of the Pier at Santa Fe. Shown is the Beach Erosion caused by the previous nights Wind, Rain and Waves at Low Tide.

Beach Erosion on Santa Fe from Typhoon Ramon
Typhoon Ramon Storm Damage From Tuesday Night, October 11, 2011

Additional Pictures of the Storm Damage from Typhoon Ramon will be posted after the Storm Passes Bantayan Island.

Typhoon Ramon Update 10:30 am, October 12, 2011.]

The storm track of Typhoon Ramon has changed direction in the past 2 hours and has headed south of Cebu City and by the writing of this post, is most likely out to sea once again. This is wonderful news for the people of Bantayan Island as this will mean that we will NOT suffer a direct strike by the eye wall of Typhoon Ramon.

I will update this information at 11:00 when the Philippine and U.S. Governments give their updated information.

A truly amazing event has just happened.

While on a direct course for Bantayan Island, this morning Typhoon Ramon changed course abruptly when it reached the Island of Cebu and went in a more Westerly direction until it passed Cebu. Ramon then turned again and head back to it’s former course, completely bypassing Bantayan Island.

The following Map shows the strange and sudden change in course.

Our friends in the U.S. had been praying for us and all the people of Bantayan Island since last night. They prayed that the Typhoon would change course. For anyone who does not believe that prayer is a powerful tool that God honors when His people pray, this is clear evidence that our prayers are heard and that God responds when we need His help.

Prayers work, Ramon Changes Course
Prayers for the People of Bantayan Island Works as Ramon Changes Course

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