Massive Typhoon “Pedring” Affecting Bantayan Island

A massive 500 mile wide Typhoon that struck the coast of Luzon early this morning, is causing massive 26 foot high waves and very rough seas around Bantayan Island. There are no Ferry’s currently running between Hagnaya and Santa Fe, leaving many people stranded until later this week.

My wife and I have been in Cebu since before the Typhoon began it’s approach this last Sunday and were planning on making our way back to Bantayan on Monday. Those plans were delayed as we learned that Pedring was causing large waves at and around Bantayan and making travel to the island impossible.

Forecasts are that the wind and waves may subside by Thursday, allowing for the Ferry’s to Bantayan to once again be available.

I spoke to our friend on Bantayan Island a few minutes ago who told me that the waves around the island are massive and that the wind is howling, with driving rain.

If you are planning a trip to Bantayan Island this week, look for delay’s in getting to the island until later this week. Friday to Sunday should be much better for travel.

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