In Consideration of Others

I have been able to observe the guests who come to Bantayan Island now for the past two and a half months that I have lived on the island. Most of the people who come to Bantayan Island are very nice, friendly and consider the feelings and the rights of other guests to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation on this island paradise.

There are however a few who think when they arrive on Bantayan Island that all the space in the resort belong to them. They remain load and obnoxious until all hours of the night, drinking and screaming at the top of their lungs, with no regard for the peace and tranquility of the other guests in the resort.

If they inhabit a room next to another guest, they open and slam the door to their room dozens of times during their stay. They leave their empty alcohol bottles and trash all over their patio for others to pick up.

This resident of Bantayan hopes that if you plan your vacation get-a-way here, that you remember when you arrive, that there are others who are also trying to enjoy a vacation here. They have also paid a large sum of their salary, taken time off work and are looking forward to some peace away from the stress of their daily careers and lives. Be considerate of others and be a good neighbor.

Otherwise, if you happen to display your inconsiderate behavior in front of this resident of the island, you will encounter my wrath and displeasure.

I’m just sayin’… be nice when you come here. Have fun, but remember the feelings of the other people who are here too.

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