Bantayan Island Weather Update: July 24, 2011

For the past week, Bantayan Island has been experiencing a bout with wet weather. Beginning in the morning, clouds gather until mid morning when light rain turns into a torrential downpour by lunch time. Later in the afternoon, winds begin to pick up and by 4 or 5 pm the waves around the island have began to whitecap, bringing wave swells on to the beaches of Santa Fe.

If you are planning a ride to Bantayan Island on the Ferry, expect rough seas at best and many delays in departures at the worst.

During our last trip from Hagnaya to the port of Santa Fe, the waves and sea were quite treacherous. If it had not been for two Dramamine tablets, I would have become sea sick for sure. During the hour and 15 minute trip, many of the passengers were green in the face with nausea by the time we arrived at Santa Fe port.

This past weekend there was an obvious lack of the normal weekend tourist influx for the island, probably due to the rainy weather and rough seas.

Marissa and I took a walk on the beach today at about 4 pm. While we scanned the sand for sea shells we could feel the wonderful cool breeze on our faces from the onshore air coming into the island from the open sea. uncharacteristic swells in the waves coming on shore were nearly large enough for surfing, even though we never see anyone on Bantayan Island attempt a ride on the waves that do occasionally happen during storms like we have experienced this past week.

If you are planning a trip to Bantayan Island during the rainy periods that do happen frequently during this time of year, do not be discouraged from coming to the island. The cooler temperatures and light rain on your face will be delightful. The water is still about 80 degrees and pure joy to swim in, no matter what the weather is like.

Rob Robinson

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