Back to Bantayan Island

After a 5 month absence from Bantayan Island, we are in our final preparations to return to the island in the next 3 weeks. We have sold our home in the U.S. and hope to be back with the people and land that we have grown to love, soon.

I will be writing daily updates on Bantayan Island once we return that will include a daily photo journal, weather updates, and news of local happening around the island.

Since our departure in January, and the launch of this web site in early December 2010, we have moved in our Google page rank from the 15th page, or about 150th place, to the first or second page, 10 or 11th place.

We are starting to see traffic numbers on the web site approaching several hundred per day. Once we are physically back on Bantayan Island and begin to write daily updates, that number should increase dramatically to thousands.

We receive several email inquiries each week about the resorts, recreation and happenings on the island. We alway return every email within two hours, whenever possible.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on BI and hearing the wonderful stories of how blessed your life has been living on one of the most beautiful places on earth.