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After the Christmas and New Years celebrations with family in Cebu, we are headed back to Bantayan Island on Wednesday morning. On this trip we will forgo the usual trip via Air Conditioned bus and take our Honda Beat Scooter instead.

Our favorite Resort on Bantayan Island is Beach Placid and the Tri-Plex Cottage is perfect for us as just a few steps in the white sand and we are in the Aquamarine water swimming and snorkeling once again.

It will be interesting to see what the weather will be like on Wednesday since we have been inundated with tremendous thunderstorms and torrential rains for days now. We are taking the rain coats and helmets just in case.

What normally takes about 3 hours by bus, should only take us 2 hours by scooter. We can take our time and see the sights and stop at anything that perks our interest. There are so many interesting and photogenic places between Cebu City and Hagnaya, riding a bike is a perfect way to really see the sights.

Strapped to the back of our scooter will be our dive bag containing the fins, snorkels and masks for both Marissa and I. Taking just shorts, t shirts and flip flops it is sure to be a wonderful 4 days and nights on the Island we love so dearly.

On the schedule is another wonderful opportunity to walk amongst the fishing villages and talk to the quiet and gentle people who live there. We love to gather with them and see their homes, children and the stories about their lives that always touch our heart. There will be once again, an opportunity to give them some of the much needed basic essentials for life. Every time we walk through the villages and give money to the people who live there to buy rice and their basic needs, it leaves me in tears as I walk away stunned at how wonderful it feels to help people who have such great need.

If you are planning on making a trip to Bantayan Island soon from some distant land, you can be assured that the time it takes to travel to this small tropical paradise will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Unlike most overdeveloped resorts in the Philippines, Bantayan Island is slow paced, casual and a delight to the senses that need rest and relaxation.

Plan to feel a peace here that you cannot find anywhere else in the Philippines. The noise, congestion and hurriedness of the Big Island of Cebu and Manila are non existent here. If you are coming from America or Europe get ready to experience what it is like to live on an Island paradise.

Make sure you visit our main web site where we have lots of information on the Resorts, Airlines, Maps, Customs and even a section on how to learn Cebuano so that you can speak a few words of the native language of Bantayan Island. Even though most of the people in the resorts speak English, they always appreciate it when a foreign guest takes the time to try and speak a few words of Cebuano. They will often giggle when they hear your accent speaking their language, they really seem to get enjoyment out of our efforts.


Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Bantayan Island as you post your experience here on our new blog and all the pictures and observations you can make about your dream vacation to paradise island.


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