Beach Placid Resort on Bantayan Island

It doesn’t take long when you arrive at Bantayan Island to discover where the best resorts are located. When my wife and I spent our first five days here we had done quite a bit of research on the Island to see which resort was the best fit for us.

We chose Beach Placid Resort because of it’s close proximity to the beach and waters of the Island. We wanted to be able to walk barefoot out of the door of our room and be on the beach. We were not disappointed, this is exactly what Beach Placid is about, being on the beach.

Upon arrival at the Port of Santa Fe, we were picked up by the driver from the resort. It took only about 5 minutes to travel the short distance from the port of Santa Fe to the welcoming desk at Beach Placid.

When we arrived the first thing that we noticed was that the grounds of Beach Placid are quite peaceful, simple and uncrowded. We were met with a warm smile at the open air counter just to the right of the resort, towards the back of the entrance road. It only took about 5 minutes to get our key and the porter was already carrying our single bag to our room.

As we followed the young man we immediately noticed the beautiful white sand of Alice Beach that is the frontage for Beach Placid resort. The tri-plex where we were staying has a blue room, yellow room and a pink room.  The Blue room is where July Ann, the wonderful Filipina who greeted us at check in, placed us.  The Blue room is on the far right as you are looking at the three rooms from the ocean.  As it turns out, the blue room is the only one of the three in the tri-plex that has a hot and cold shower. The other two rooms have just cold water only. Most Filipino’s do not use hot water in their homes as they have grown accustomed to using just the luke warm tap water for their showers, dish washing and the washing of heir clothes.

The incredibly beautiful white sand stretches out for about 75 yards from the front of the tri-plex rooms before it kisses the crystal blue waters of Bantayan Island. Looking to the right of the beach we could see the port of Santa Fe not far down the beach where the ferry had landed just 10 minutes before. The Aquamarine blue waters shimmered before us whispering an invitation to get my fins, mask and snorkel and dive into the inviting blue water.

We dropped out belongings off in the room and our flip flops and stepped our tired feet into the luscious sand we had lusted for with our eyes a few minutes before. Oh, it was instant therapy. As we approached the blue water and walked into the surf, the water was incredibly warm. I would guess that it must have been at least 85 degrees or warmer. As we continued out into the surf, the waveless waters soothed our tired bodies and invited us ever deeper into the blue paradise.

The sand on the shore is amazing enough by itself, but the sand on the bottom of the sea is even more incredible. I pushed my big toe into the soft pasty sand and realized that this was the finest and softest sand I had ever felt anywhere in the world.  It feels like wet confectioners sugar with the added feature of being slightly granular. I reached underwater and pulled up a specamin for further examination. I rubbed the creamy sand between my fingers and was tempted to taste it because it looked good enough to eat.

Walking more than 100 yard now into the surf the water was only at my waste and still as clear as a crystal clear glass of drinking water. Placing the fins on each foot, the mask and snorkel in place I pushed off into the water softly floating along in the calm water. Below me dozens of beautiful colored tropical fish, the soft sandy bottom of the beach, and lush green sea grasses just up ahead.

I was in paradise and every cell of my body knew it. This was going to be the vacation that I had dreamed of during that 15 hour trans pacific flight on Philippine Airlines from LAX to Manila the week before.

In my next post I will tell you more about this first stay at Beach Placid Resort and how much we enjoyed our time with them.

Rob Robinson

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