Welcome to Bantayan Island.org

This is our first post on the Blog portion of Bantayan Island.org’s new web site launched December 28, 2010.

Although the new travel and ministry web site is up and operating as I write this first post, there are hundreds and hundreds of pages that need to be completed to make Bantayan Island.org a complete travel web site for this island.

I am a writer by profession and an amateur photographer, so blogging  here about the island that I love so dearly is going to be pure joy.

After a five day visit in early December 2010, my wife Marissa and I gave much prayer and consideration to whether we should make this our permanent home. By the end of December we were both convinced that this was the place we were suppose to be. There is such a great need on this small island. Although there are over 120,000 persons living on Bantayan Island, the vast majority of the people live in terrible poverty.

Making their living by the sea, the peaceful fishermen of Bantayan Island depend on what they bring out of the seas around Bantayan Island to feed their families. Many live in Nipa Huts that hardly resemble a shelter at all. Marissa and I determined that we would come to Bantayan Island to not only live and enjoy the beauty and serenety of this beautiful place, but also to do as much as we could personally to make the lives of the people on the island better.

In the upcoming days I will add many new categories, pictures, travel information and give you as the readers of this blog, and opportunity to post your questions and comments here as well.

Looking forward to seeing this blog section blossom and grow as the first of many members who are interested in Bantayan Island as a vacation destination, or to come alongside Marissa and I to help with our ministry to the precious people of this island.

Rob Robinson